: Describe how an individual or group of individuals can be influenced by social, cultural, economic, or political factors.

Plessy v. Ferguson was a landmark case involving the due process of individual rights. Provide a 2-page paper addressing the following:

Provide the facts of the case.
What was the majority opinion and which Justices supported the decision?
What was the dissenting opinion and which Justices supported the decision?
What kind of impact did the case have on the due processes of minorities?
Make sure your answer those all question and give all detail to your answer.
The Checklist for Completing your paper:

Use proper APA formatting.
Title Page
Proper Headers
Proper Font (12pt. Times New Roman) on ALL parts
ALL information is properly cited (not just direct quotes)
A properly formatted reference page is included
Proper margins and spacing are used.
The paper is neat and well organized.
Title page, body and reference page each start on their own page.
If there are multiple questions they are answered in order and in their own sections.
All questions presented are completely answered.
Where possible use information from the textbook. You should supplement this information with information from outside sources where possible.
Only professional language (no informal or slang) is used.
Paper is written so that someone who has no included what the paper is about will fully understand the information.
Proper writing mechanics are used (grammar, spelling, punctuation, paragraph

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