You will use the collection of the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. and find four examples of two-dimensional portraits.

– The portraits must be representational although they can be naturalistic, stylized, or abstracted. Make sure that the ones you choose include at least four signs and symbols to convey meaning. Remember that clothing operates as a symbol, so you should not have any trouble with this.

– You will explain how each portrait uses at least four visual elements and principles of the design listed below:
+ Required visual elements: Contour line, shape, implied light, complementary or analogous color harmony, implied space
+ Required principles of design: balance, emphasis and subordination, scale

– 1. Search for portraits at Click on the image and save the portrait. Note the title and artist.
( For this website you can go to their main page – > Menu -> the portrait -> The Portrait and you can choose any picture that more efficient for you <3 )

2. Paste your images into the spaces provided below. Resize, if necessary.

3. Compose your written answers using a university-level, professional writing style.
Point to specific places in the work where your information is visible and explain what you see. This is the evidence for your answer

4. Proofread for errors and to ensure completion.

5. Cite the sources you consulted for this assignment.

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