Interview a local farmer or sustainable food producer from a farmers market and define their farming method as it relates to organic, sustainable, polyculture or monoculture . A good guide to your local farms, farmer’s markets and local food producer’s can be found and local harvest

NOTE: Just because a business has the words, “market” or “farm” in them does not make them a farmer, farmers market or a sustainable food producer. The St. Lawrence Market is not an acceptable topic. However, the St. Lawrence Farmers Market that operates on Saturday morning, is. The Saturday Market would have a better selection of actual food producers. as opposed to food purveyors.

Get to know your farmer or sustainable food producer. Provide a brief biography and background information on them, and their “story”
Explain their philosophy for choosing to farm, or not to farm organically. Are there any political or environmental initiatives or stances that they support or oppose? What have they chosen instead? Why?
Upload a photo of you with the farmer or food producer and any other relevant content from a market, farm or sustainable producer’s site.
Include what they farm or produce and how their prices relate to other products.
Justify whether to the product is worth the price as it relates to the Pillars of sustainability. 3 Pillars – Planet, Social and Environment.
Discuss what you learned from this experience?

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