Issue Paper An issue paper focusing on a contemporary public issue related to some aspect of the field of community and regional planning (as described broadly in the textbook), is required. The issue must be local(i.e., Lincoln or other locality in Nebraska or adjacent states), state(i.e., Nebraska or other adjacent states), or regional in scope. The issue should be one that recently has been or is currently being discussed and debated. The issue paper shall have the following components:1.Title;2.Introduction and issue delineation—a clear statement of the issue needing to be resolved;3.Discussion of alternative approaches to studying or resolving the issue(including approaches that may have already been tried or are under way);4.Discussion of one or more aspects of ethical principles, civics, or stewardship that are relevant to the issue; and4.Your evaluative response to the issue and your recommendations(including rationale) that address the issue.The issue paper must include documented references to at least two reputable sources (such as library sources or interviews with authoritative persons) other than the course textbook. Graduate students should cite four or more sources. Use of ideas other than your own may be utilized, but must be attributed to the sources, including correct forms of citation.The issue paper should be about 3 to 4pages in length for undergraduate students (registered for 400-level credit) and 5 to 8pages in length for graduate students (registered for 800-level credit)The issue paper will be evaluated on the basis of substantive content, as well as form(writing clarity, organization, grammar, punctuation, etc.).The papers will be graded separately on each of these aspects, and an overall grade will also be assigned.

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