Imagine an alien species visits earth. These aliens are advanced beyond belief. For example, with their technology, they can bend spacetime to travel across the galaxy in an instant; they can also communicate telepathically, terraform planets, and create biological organisms through advanced DNA synthesis. They have also developed an artificial intelligence to navigate through space in search of the ultimate food source. This AI has discovered that human beings provide not only the most delectable meat in the known universe, but that our flesh would also deliver the most complete nutrition the alien race has ever known. In fact, eating our flesh would allow them to evolve even further.

To what extent would this alien race be justified in transforming us into farm animals? To develop your response, discuss some of the key issues surrounding the debate about eating animal products. What are some of the environmental impacts of the typical human diet? (pun intended). What other ethical dilemmas should be considered (such as human/animal sentience)? What are the health benefits of different diets? Please refer to at least two (2) of the essays from the food discussions in your response.