Create a philosopy statement that reflects knowledge of early education and describes the programs fundational goals for children and their purpose in this community.
This is a = Philosophy Statement !
It will have alot of = I believe in this or that or I …
Questions must be answered to the “T” in perfect condition.

Explain and describe the importance of program philosophy on the outcomes of children in an early education program. (NAEYC 5b,d).
10 standards : Children, Curriculum, Teaching, Assesment of Child Progress, Health, Teachers, Family and Community, program Administration deals with the envionment and leadership / management.

how is your philosophy statement able to demonstrate commitment to successful outcomes for all children and families served in an early educational setting. (NAEYC 5b).

Consult Early Education Resources that are conducted within the past 6 years, text books like developing and administrating a childcare and education program 8th edition ect…

The statement should include: theory of education as well.
and an example of how the theory is applied in the setting, and comitment to successful outcomes for all children and families.
A little about me that will help:
I like Maria Montessori Curriculum and I teach children Shotokan Karate but I would like to have a really nice philosophy made up for my program.

Promoting and Dominant self scoring leadership style assesment tool.
Cover Sheet and Reference page.
12 Font, Times new roman and proper resource cited


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