Analyse the two articles, and compare them to see which is more persuasive. You should be careful to assess their use of both argument, and evidence. Once you have finished your analysis write a memo to the professor to persuade her which article is the best one to send out to the SMU community to start the discussion.

1. A comparative analysis that clearly explains why one article is more reliable and persuasive than the other. Base your analysis on the use of reliable evidence, and well-structured argumentation. (Max 800 words)

The environmental impact of single-use plastics has been in the news lately. SMU has already seen Koufu eliminating the use of plastic straws, and now the school would like to open a discussion on the use of plastic bags in the various retail outlets on campus.
The professor in-charge of the planned debate is a researcher who values high quality arguments, based on solid evidence. She is looking for a news article to use to open the discussion about whether paper or plastic bags are the best option for retail outlets.
Her teaching assistant has found these two articles:
Edgington, T. (2019, January 28). Plastic or paper: Which bag is greener? Retrieved from

Plumer, B. (2019, March 29). Plastic bags, or paper? Here’s what to consider when you hit the grocery store. The New York Times. Retrieved from

have this structure for some paragraphs Claim – Evidence – Premise

Skills tested
• Thesis Statement
• Persuasive writing- Clear connection between premise and conclusion, OR claims, reason and evidence
• Awareness of context, audience and purpose
• Clear, coherent and concise writing •
Expression & grammatical accuracy
• Use of sources





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