Selecting Surveys and Developing Questions
Three part assignment:
(1) Recommend and justify a method of survey administration to be used to meet the quantitative research objectives listed below;

(2) develop a list of questions to be used on a questionnaire to meet the objectives listed;

(3)Lastly, explain the method of survey administration you would use if a survey was conducted in your intended research. (same research topic as before)

– To determine the effectiveness of advertising of a specific product during the U.S. NFL Super Bowl on increasing consumer awareness of the product.

– To determine the level of satisfaction of patients who are admitted to a hospital during the past 6 months.

– To determine if there is a relationship between the decision to pursue a career in law enforcement and gender.

– To determine IT professional’s perceptions of the best preparation for an IT career.

Five Pages, standard APA format, minimum six references


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