Assessment Requirement:
The objective of this assessment is to perform a critical analysis of at least two business processes for a local firm and suggest how information systems can be introduced to help the firm be more efficient in operating these business processes.

To do the above task, you have to apply the value chain model discussed in class. For this purpose, describe, in details, the current routines/operations conducted to perform the chosen business processes including the primary and secondary operations. Then, critically analyse the efficiencies of these routines and finally propose concrete information systems that make these routines more efficient. The proposed solutions might be from your own self-learnings instead of the lectures.

You are also required to discuss the issues that a manager might face in introducing these new information systems and provide suggestions how to overcome them.

The report should contain clear diagrams illustrating the business processes and the different routines used to perform these business processes.

The report should include the following sections:

a) Introduction
b) Description of the business processes
c) Critical analysis of the business processes
d) Proposed Solutions to the deficiency found
e) Issues that might be faced when implementing the proposed solutions and how to overcome them
f) Conclusion
g) References
following content structure
1. Executive summary
2. Answer to question a)
3. Answer to question b)
4. Answer to question c)
5. Answer to question d)
6. Answer to question e)
7. Conclusion and recommendations


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