The responsibility for this assignment is to find 2-3 current newspaper articles related to that topic, report some background information (statistics, history, trends, and so on) on the topic you picked, and writing a two-page (750-850 words) reflection essay which links the articles to course topic you signed up for. Students are advised to use websites such as Google News, Yahoo News, and so on, to find articles from newspapers. For background information, students can use academic journals and non-academic online sources.
The responsible students will present their articles and reflection in the classroom the day they signed up for presentation. There will be three presenters in each presentation group, and each will have a total of ten minutes for presenting their assignment and mediating a short class discussion by asking his/her classmates a question they formulated for their assignment.
Presenters should post their reports and the links to the articles [or scanned copies] at the designated discussion board folder at ELMS [under assignments links] no later than 12 p.m. on the day before their presentations are due. Late submission for reflection essay is not accepted. Students who fail to present their reports on the day they signed up for presentation will not have make-up presentations.
Before you write your assignment, you should read the assigned readings for the topic you picked. For example, if you signed up for a topic under “Gender and Sexuality”, you should first complete all readings assigned for that topic (e.g. Chapter 5 in Ryle), and then find newspaper articles, write your assignment by using these assigned readings to interpret the cases that are demonstrated in the newspaper articles you picked.
Components of the reflection essay:
• Introduction: Provide background information on the topic and summarize the selected newspaper articles (1 paragraph for each)
• Development: Interpret/evaluate the articles in the light of course material assigned for this topic (2 paragraphs)
• Reflection: Reflect on your individual views on the matter and an explanation of your stance. (1 paragraph)
• Conclusion and Discussion: Conclude your essay and develop a question that you want to ask to your classmates in order to lead a class discussion. This question should be a
focused question, rather than a broad one, which targets to stimulate a class discussion
where your classmate can express their opinions on your presentation. (1 paragraph)
• Links to the articles: Provide web links of the articles you chose to be reported.
• References: Provide the links to online resources you used.
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