Create an online presentation of your Culminating Experience that addresses the following:
High level key points of your Culminating Experience that address the 5Ws in separate slides.
Narrated responses support key points regarding the 5Ws of your Culminating Experience, including:
Who was supporting the Culminating Experience (leadership within the organization)?
Who had permission to perform the various Culminating Experience activities?
What were your goals and objectives for the Culminating Experience?
What problems/issues did the Culminating Experience address? Was this a knowledge gap or was it a working solution to a public health problem with a publication in mind?
When was the Culminating Experience expected to take place and for how long?
When were the various time-based events, activities, etc. of the intended Culminating Experience?
Where is the identified agency/organization where you completed the Culminating Experience?
Where was the agency/organization located graphically and/or logistically and/or where were the logistical aspects of the Culminating Experience?