List and discuss what is involved in the following research designs: (1) experiment; (2) quasi-experiment); (3) cross sectional; and (4) longitudinal.
What is a popluation? What is a sample? What is a representative sample? What is a sampling error?
List and describe the four types of Probability Samples and list and discuss the four types of Non-Probability Samples.
List and describe the five basic types of survey designs (mail and phone, for example)?
What is the defintion of evaluation research? What is process evaluation? What is impact evaluation?
What is the defintion of a particpant observation study? What are the three types of participant observation? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each type?
What is are unobtrusive measures? Define what a content analysis is. Define what a secondary data study is.
Define what the principal means, discuss it, and provide and example to illustrate each of the following ethical principals: (1) no harm to participants, (2) anonymity/confidentiality, (3) deception and (4) Equitable Selection of participants?