discuss Zhou Enlai’s influence on the diplomacy of the People’s Republic of China based on Zhou Enlai’s early experience, the revolutionary course of modern Chinese history, and his personal image.Describe general information about the country of your choice: its geography,
population demographics, neighbors, location, and climate.
Describe the political system (major political parties, government structure, etc.).
Assess political risk – high, medium, or low and why.
Describe the economic system (type of economic system, major industries,
agriculture, and transportation). How wealthy is the country (GDP, GDP per
population, growth rate)?
Describe the cultural system. Include details about language, customs, family
orientation, religion, and educational systems. Use Hofstede’s dimensions to further
describe the culture of the nation. Are there any subcultures? How different is the
culture from the US culture?
Provide conclusions: general business environment in the country of your choice.
Would you recommend investments to the country? Why or why not (list both pros
and cons)?