You are asked to think of a CSR -related topic that is or could be relevant to the public company you will analyse for the Financial Analysis unit. Because you need to write an argumentative essay, the topic you choose should involve tension or a possible dilemma for the company.
To find a suitable CSR related theme for your individual 1000-word argumentative essay that is relevant for your chosen public company, do the following:
1. Read the Annual Report of your chosen public company, and study their website. What do they write (or not) about CSR – related topics? What makes you curious? What do you miss? Which CSR- related dilemma could play a role in the company? Or, where do you see CSR opportunities for the company? What role could CSR play in the financial results of a business, in the investment advice, to which kind(s) of persona(s)? An aspect of CSR that you can (also) think of is human trafficking. The Law unit addresses this topic, and perhaps it applies to your public company.
2. Check if the company has been in the news recently. Are there any news reports about topics that relate to the company’s CSR policies and practices?