Choose three out of the six following questions to answer .

Evaluate the following argument for logical consistency: “It is inherently morally wrong to tell anyone how he or she should live her life therefore everyone must embrace moral subjectivism.”
“Stealing is wrong because it violates human rights.” Is this a good argument? Why or why not?
Is it morally permissible to prefer the good of our family over the welfare of strangers, or should we treat everyone’s good as equally valuable? Why or why not?
If you had to make a decision between Adolf Hitler and an innocent 10-year-odl child receiving a liver needed to save one of their lives (but not both), would it be morally permissible to consider the prior actions of either patient in making the decision? Make sure you back your answer with a solid argument not just feelings.
The two main arguments in favor of suicide are autonomy (the idea that people must be allowed to decide for themselves whether to live or die) and elimination of suffering; but is there any tension between these two considerations?
Does anyone ever have a moral obligation to allow someone else to “use” our body (or any part thereof such as grabbing our arm) for any length of time. Why or why not?