e e recently been diagnosed with Cardioe recently beingLocate 5 scholarly articles on a topic of your choice (I chose heart failure).
Each article must be about the same topic.
You may use different resources such as (research studies, interviews, case studies).
Do not use google to locate your articles.
Create an Annotated Bibliography or a list of resources that you can use to write a research paper about your topic. (Note, you will not be writing an actual research paper). Your emphasis should be on the critical reading of these materials. Finally, you will answer the final 3 Questions regarding the research you read.

Included is one quality entry as an example
The entry for each of the 5 sources should include the following
Research process_ what process and database did you use.
Content- What is the resource about, write a short summary of the source
Purpose- The reason I chose this article, is because my grandmother passed from heart failure and I have recently been diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy.
Questions to answer
Which of the sources was the best resource you found? What made it better than the others?
Which of these sources was the worst? what made it worst than the others?
List 5 important points you learned about this topic that you would INCLUDE in a research paper.