Case Analysis – FSCJ & Faculty Union Contract

For this Case Analysis, refer to the Collective Bargaining Agreement that has been attached.

You will find the entire 2016-2019 CBA between the FSCJ Faculty and the FSCJ Board of Trustees provided in full language. (This contract, with some modification, has been extended one year to August 15, 2020. At that time, a newly-bargained CBA will become effective.)

You should:
1. Clearly write which Question Group you are doing – “Question Group #1”
2. Write the question
3. Write your answer and how you arrived at it, along with supporting language from the CBA.

For example, if your supporting reference is to explain who has the authority to appeal a grievance to arbitration, your citation would look like this –
“If the aggrieved person(s) is not satisfied with the final decision of the formal grievance process, the Union may appeal the grievance to arbitration” (CBA, Article 10, Grievance & Arbitration Procedures, “Arbitration Procedure”.
NOTE – You are answering a specific and narrow question. This is not the place to add in material from the text, or from research. Just answer the question in a sentence or two, and cite what contract language (Article and section, page) supports your answer.

QUESTION GROUP #1 – Article 10 – Grievance & Arbitration Procedure.
1. How many formal steps are there in the grievance process?
2. What is the maximum number of days that it will take to move a grievance from Step 1 to the Selection of an Arbitrator?
3. If the grievance is to demand awarding of Continuing Contract, what must the union prove?

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