analyze one story from an ethical standpoint (using our handout on Five
Types of Ethics). Students are also to incorporate at least one idea from our recent lectures on modernism or
globalization. Students should consider, especially, what characters decide to do in moments of stress. Therefore,
students should select characters and scenes in which important events occur. When character make decisions, that
is when we can make a claim that they are acting according to some ethical principle. The following questions might
help you to generate a thesis: Does a character (or characters) act to help others or herself or nobody? Does a
character follow a strict set of rules or break away from rules? Does a character strive for equality or strive to help
those in need or seek a final result independent from the steps taken? What forces lead a character to act/react
according to a certain ethics type?
Select One of the Following Texts:
“The Veldt” Bradbury
“Sonny’s Blues” Baldwin
“A Good Fall” Jin
“Say Hello, Wave Goodbye” Parsons
“Interpreter of Maladies” Lahiri
“Assimilation” Doctorow
“An Arranged Marriage” Freudenberger