Explain the Terminology of a Secured Transaction. What is Collateral?

How is a security interest created? What is Perfection; Perfection Without Filing; Perfection By Possession? Additional methods of Perfection?

What is a Floating Lien? Explain a Buyer in the Ordinary Course of Business?

Explain Default and its Basic Remedies.

Explain a Lien. What are the different types of liens?

Explain Writ of Attachment, Writ of Execution, and Garnishment.

Discuss Laws Assisting Debtors. Exempt Real Property? Personal Property?

What is an Accountant’s Duty of Care? Explain Common Law Liability to clients. What is GAAP and GAAS? Explain the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Explain Insurance terminology. What are the Selected Insurance Classifications? What are the Selected Insurance Contract Clauses?

Explain the terminology of a Will. What are the Requirements for a Valid Will? What is required for a will in Pennsylvania? Explain a Nuncupative Will? What is Probate?

Explain Per Stirpes and Per Capita distribution