Companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, Amazon and Facebook offer up free services to customers all across the globe. In light of recent events, do you think it right for the Federal Government to request backdoor access to encrypted devices or unwarranted access to personal communications on these (and like) services? How would granting access this impact their business? According to Genter, how did the comic book superheroes of the Cold War era reflect issues concerning gender roles that were prevalent during that time? Discuss with reference to any two comic book examples the author writes about in his article.
Next, how do contemporary depictions of superhero gender roles reflect the current era? Identify and analyze in detail any two current superheroes from print, film or TV, and explain how they are products of their particular historical context.
If you could design a superhero, one that would reflect and shape future gender identities in positive ways, what would your hero look and act like? Be creative: provide as much detail as your imagination allows, including a name, super power, origin story, sample storyline, etc.”
Effects of change in establishment,How did the ideas or changes affect the establishment and status quo?