PLEASE READ: Case Study Scenario for a Nonprofit, For-Profit, or Government Organization
For this assignment, select a case study scenario from your textbook, readings, other course activities, or a real-world human services organization. Choose a scenario that could occur within the human services organization you chose to use in your course assignments. The scenario should involve a situation where there are gaps in available services.
For this assignment:
• Describe the case study scenario as if it were playing out in your selected organization.
• Analyze at least one leadership theory or model that might apply to service delivery for the selected case study scenario.
• Analyze gaps in services indicated in the scenario and examine how a leadership theory or model could be used to build community relationships to fill these gaps.
• Evaluate the social, political, cultural, legal, and economic factors that affect interagency and multi-agency collaboration.
• Analyze any multisystemic, multicultural issues and concerns specific to your selected organization.
• Analyze how leadership styles and decisions are shaped by the community, social, political, legal, and economic factors in terms of your selected organization.



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