Based on the topic you chose for training, please conduct a literature review to support your training program. The literature review should be written in APA format, including a properly formatted title page, abstract, and reference page (not Works Cited or Bibliography). The literature review must be a minimum of 8 full pages, excluding the title page, abstract, and references pages, and must include at least 10 scholarly references. Textbooks do not count towards the number of references. The Bible must be used as 1 of the references; however, the Bible will only count as 1 source, no matter how many verses are used. The remaining 9 references must be scholarly articles from peer-reviewed journals, published within the past 5 years. References may not include websites, blogs, newspapers, magazines, books, textbooks, or conference proceedings. Remember, a literature review is a review of the current literature on a particular topic. The goal is not to solve a problem, so there should not be a research question.

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