For this essay, the focus is that you wrote an essay on stereotypes/misconceptions about the group (individuals who smoke prescribed medicinal marijuana to ease pains), and use those stereotypes to inform the reader about your group, not that you wrote a strictly informative essay. This essay should lean mostly towards the stereotypes/misconceptions of the group.

Introduction Paragraph: Start off with hook talking about general stereotypes individuals are sometimes labeled as. Then go on to explain what stereotypes are and why we have them. Make sure to only mention the actual group that is being stereotyped, people who smoke weed for medicinal purposes (for pain), only in the thesis. The sentence before the thesis however can lead up to “the group” that is being stereotyped.
Body Paragraph #1: Discuss about stereotypes- general stereotypes
Body Paragraph #2: Discuss about misconceptions- general misconceptions
Body Paragraph #3: Give general examples of both a stereotype and misconception
Body Paragraph #4/#5: “Paint a Picture”- describe how “the group” is to give a visual image to the reader and how they are perceived.
Body Paragraph #6/#7: “Personal Experience with the group”- Here you can write about having relatives/family members who are prescribed medicinal cannabis to assist with pain. In these two paragraphs, you can talk about how I am amidst this group as I have family members who smoke medicinal cannabis. Basically in these two paragraphs talk about how “I” perceive them as, since I am around this group and that I know WHY they smoke marijuana.
Body Paragraph #8/#9: “Common Ground”- Here you can discuss or admit to true stereotypes regarding the group, true uglies about the group.
Body Paragraph #10,#11,#12: “Misconceptions about my group”- Elaborate on the misconceptions of this group

There should be at least 3 rhetorical devices throughout this entire essay.
Also have 3 different outside sources. Sources should be cited please.
You can only use a maximum of two personal pronouns in body paragraphs #6 & #7 when talking about personal experience with the group.

With author – In an online article on (name of site), (article name, italicized), (author), (author’s credentials), (rhetorically accurate verb), “(insert quote)”.
Without author – In the online article, (article name, italicized), (site’s credentials), on (name of site), (rhetorically accurate verb), “(insert quote)”.